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Precision & Distinctiveness

sartory violin bow
Old Masters


Please ask for our interpretation of the old master bow makers ranging from Sartory, Peccatte, Hill, Dodd, Vuillaume, Tubbs, Lamy, Pajeot to Ouchard.

Baroque Masterpieces

Viola da Gamba

Bow frog models and buttons are made in period style. It is snakewood, ebony and mammoth that are suitable to such period pieces.

viola da gamba
galliane violin bow


With the Galliane the bow can ideally adjust to the musician´s arm movement, creating a completely unknown pleasure of sound and playing experience.

carbow up and down
custom made violin frog
Distinctiveness and Individuality


custom-made model

We can manufacture your bow frog and button according to your specifications. Our craftmanship, the new technologies and the variety of excellent materials provide nearly endless variety of combinations for your design.



Due to the frog the bass player can use both the French and the German technique. So changing bows is not necessary any longer.

In addition, this highly ergonomic frog allows the musician to play in a more relaxed way.

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